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If you need to contact us for any reason, you’re welcome to leave a comment on the appropriate page or simply use this contact form below. You can also contact us here about any custom repair/modification work you may have in mind. If you have a product you think we would be interested in reviewing then please contact us here too. We’ll even give it back once the review is complete if you really want us to 🙂

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  1. Chris says:

    Do you sell nintendo 64/sega genesis everdrive cartridge 2gb add on’s?
    do you have to use credit card or paypal?

  2. 123456 says:

    Do you have a link on your site you can send me where I can view all your art?

  3. jeremy says:

    you guys wouldnt happen to mod original xbox’s to play roms from a HD would you? 😉

  4. smartguy022 says:

    Hello can u guys still sell the that sd part for the Saturn the mod chip on them are no more and the overdrive are ahead of you please tell me what can be done to make the sd part for the Saturn the CD drive it never sold online and the people are asking the old systems to make a come back

  5. Adrian says:

    Images are not loading on my end. I can’t see the captcha.

  6. Lorenzo says:

    I’m from Italy and I’ve seen the SuperCIC Board for SNES on your website.
    Now I have a question about this board because I’ve seen that it contains the SuperCIC and the In Game Reset.
    I would like to know if it contains also the D4 patch for those games whom need it in order to make them work fully like Tetris 2 (It has a protection during the game that check the video mode during the game play)
    Pleas let me know

    Lorenzo Corso

  7. Chase Redd says:

    Do you mod dreamcast?

  8. Saj Khan says:

    Can’t get the validation of the contact us page to work. it is stuck as 9H57 but when I type that in it says incorrect code. Please help.

    in any case: here is the message I’m tring to send:

    Can I please preorder a gscartsw from you or go on your waiting list for one.
    If this is not possible then can I go on a mailing list for you to let me know when they come in stock so I can order one at that time.

    thanks and kind regards,

    Saj Khan

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Try refreshing the page if that happens. I’ve had a couple of folks say that but try as I might I’ve never been able to replicate the problem, sorry!

      GScart – I still have no ETA as to when I’ll be able to supply those, sorry.

  9. Michael says:

    I have a question…do u guys sell the GameCube HDMI console itself or is it for customer to send their to u guys?

    • BuckoA51 says:

      It’s not really cost effective for us to stock a bunch of Gamecubes in different colours/designs etc, though I’m open to customers buying them on somewhere like eBay UK and having them shipped to us for modifications.

  10. Graeme Watkins says:

    Can’t get the captcha to work.
    Are you able to get N64 RGB mod parts in? It says out of stock.

  11. Maxime says:

    Hi, I’m interested in purchasing a PAL Super Nintendo console and having the power converted to make it work here in Canada. How much would it cost for the console and the modding ?

  12. Daryl says:

    Will the GameCube HDMI mod service be available again in May? Thanks.

  13. Ilyas says:

    I’ve sent an email using the form. Hoping to hear from you soon. So glad you are based in the UK.

  14. Daryl says:

    Will this modification hinder the installation of the GameCube True HDMI? I’m getting the deluxe service. Thanks.

  15. Anthony says:

    Can US consoles be modded with Gamecube HDMI upgrade? Or would I have to buy a Pal Gamecube if I want to use the mod? I want to play my childhood games again. Do you guys help install the mod? I’m new to the site. Its great. 😀 How would this work? Im new to this.Tired of playing my games on a blurry Screen xD How can I tell if my Gamecube is compatible with the upgrade? If you do overseas shipping how much would that cost in U.S dollars? Sorry for the questions love the site.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      It works on any Gamecube with the digital AV output port. The cost depends on the exchange rate at the time. Don’t forget Bad Ass Consoles in the USA also offers a similar mod.

  16. Arron says:

    Hi,looking at the N64 RGB MOD,is it worth doing if I’m playing on HD TV?thanks.

  17. Arron says:

    What’s ossc?

  18. Nick S says:

    I think I may have misspelled my email. Is the GameCube HDMI pre-order list still open and can I get on it?

  19. Kevin says:

    Any estimate on when you will have assembled OSSC’s available again?

  20. Song Zhe says:

    I’m in China. I’ve got the invite, and how can I buy OSSC? I didn’ see my country in the selections.

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