DragonMMC Flash Cartridge

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  • DragonMMC Flash Cartridge
  • DragonMMC Flash Cartridge
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DragonMMC is a mass storage device for the Dragon 32, Dragon 64 and Tandy CoCo 1 or 2 home computers. The unit provides fast access to files stored on an MMC or Secure Digital format card. No more dealing with unreliable floppy discs or, even worse, cassette tapes, now you can load and run your favourite Dragon software from the convenience of a modern flash memory card.

If you’re a hobbyist programmer or simply exploring these classic old computers, a DragonMMC is a must! 

The cartridge has the following features.

  • Ability to load and save files direct to the card. 
  • Ability to load and save at high speed from emulator tape images (.CAS).
  • Emulation of Dragon DOS (Dragon) or RSDOS (CoCo) disk system through disk image files (.DSK/.VDK).
  • Full support for directories and subdirectories.
  • Supports FAT or FAT32 filesystem.
  • Ability to dump or “stream” tapes from real cassettes and generate emulator files (.CAS) from them. Backup your long lost files before it’s too late!
  • “Snapshot” facility allowing the user to take an image of active memory and save it onto the card for loading later.
  • Game cartridge images (.ROM) can be loaded from the card into the on-board RAM and executed as if the cartridge was directly connected to the machine.
  • Auto detects whether it is running on a Dragon or CoCo at start up and uses the correct ROM image for that machine.
  • Flashed with the latest firmware (as of October 2019). Easily upgradable from the Dragon/CoCo as new firmware is released.
  • Battery backed clock to ensure that files created have the correct dates/times and the clock is accessible from BASIC.
  • BASIC commands to allow DragonMMC integration into your own programs.
  • Retokenization command to allow exchange between Dragon & CoCo basics.

Supported platforms

    • Dragon 32
    • Dragon 64
    • DraCo 64
    • Tandy CoCo 1
    • Tandy CoCo 2


DragonMMC is brought to you in cooperation with Phill Harvey Smith and BetaGamma Computing Greece.

Please note – Due to EU laws and courier restrictions, our DragonMMC boards come without batteries. Please purchase a suitable CR1220 battery from a qualified local retailer.

Documentation and support

For further information on the product, please check the Wiki here.

For community based support, please use the support forum here, or the Facebook page here.

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DragonMMC Flash Cartridge
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