Power up your SSDS3

Are you the lucky (or not so lucky) owner of a Super SD System 3 device for your PC Engine/Turbografx console? If you are, you probably love how convenient it makes loading and playing both CD and Hucard games on your system. No more relying on the not so reliable old optical drives that originally shipped for the PC Engine range, with the SSDS3 you can load everything from super reliable, modern flash media.

It’s regrettable then, that TerraOnion, the designers of the SSDS3, rushed the device to market with several flaws. Both the audio and video output of the device leaves much to be desired, with noisy RGB output on the video and issues with clipping and distortion on the audio. TerraOnion have refused to address these issues and It seemed for a time that gamers had to choose between convenience and picture/sound quality.

Well, not any more. Enter two new products that can help cure the SSDS3 blues. First up, we have the FU-RGB bypass boards in stock. Created by Voultar with help from Mobius Strip technology and the wider retro gaming community, this RGB bypass amp installs into your SSDS3 device and fixes most, if not all of the picture noise issues. If you need one of these boards, go ahead and grab it here.

Secondly, we have the SSDS3 Stereo Bypass Amp Kit from FirebrandX. This impressive, high quality audio bypass amp cures audio noise and clipping issues that are present on the stock TerraOnion hardware. You can grab yourself one of these boards by clicking here.

Fitting services for both of these parts will be coming soon. Apologies for the delays in getting these products to market, due to a nasty bout of flu everything was delayed, but they’re available now, so go grab them and enjoy the SSDS3 the way it should have been all along!

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